Our Services

You choose the venue and Jean performs the ceremony, including the completion of the required paperwork and registering your marriage at Home Affairs. 

Whether you are planning a large or small wedding, religious or non-religious, Jean caters for them all.  Civil marriages are generally solemnised at the offices of the Department of Home Affairs, or churches, a public office or a house. If you are planning a small informal ceremony and prefer a tranquil environment, come to Jean’s home and garden. Get married while listening to the birds and feast your eyes on gardens green and a myriad of colourful flowers. 

If your minister is not a licensed Marriage Officer, Jean will complete the paperwork and your minister can conduct the service.

Is yours an International Marriage? Or are you a South African Citizen marrying a non-South Africans? Jean will guide you through the process of getting married in South Africa.

Jean conduct ceremonies in English or Afrikaans.

If there is anything else you would like to know, contact Jean – jean.keyssa@gmail.com